22 Things That Bring Me Joy- A Bday Post

Today is my 22nd birthday! I am in Chicago for one more week and my entire family flew out to see West Side Story and celebrate my bday, which also happens to be my day off. AMEN! For today's post, I wrote a list of things that bring me joy, These are in no particular order, I just wanted to keep it really simple, but I do want to share a little something. Last year today, I closed a show I was in. My entire cast was hanging out afterwards at my housing to celebrate closing as well as my birthday. I had ordered pizzas and bought treats for everyone to enjoy. Everyone except for myself. I was making myself a "healthy" meal of sweet potato and lentils. I say healthy in quotations because that was actually the most UNhealthy thing I could have done for myself. At that time in my life, I was lost. I was living in a state of stress and anxiety over food and body image. I isolated myself from countless group outings and parties because I didn't want to eat "bad" foods, when in reality, I was binging by myself at home. I remember sitting in a circle with everyone as we shared memories about the show and played games. I remember seeing everyone happy, smiling, and eating and drinking. I remember the fake smile I put on as I ate my sweet potato and lentils... I didn't understand why they could be so happy while they ate food that is "bad" and unhealthy and is supposed tp make you fat while I felt grey and lonely. I'm the "healthy" one...I'm the one that's supposed to be the most happy, with the brightest zest and vibrance for life...right?

One of the most important revelations I've had this year is in the importance of community and discovering what true health is. Yes, it's in the food we eat and the way we treat out bodies through movement and exercise, but the heart of health truly lies in our relationships. It's enjoying community, family, and friends, being kind to strangers, and just enjoying the many blessings and little moments that life has to offer. My journey this past year has been full of super HIGH highs, and really dark lows, but I am overcome with gratitude for every single detail of this past year. From thinking I was quitting my performing career and moving back home, to getting the light of Jesus shone in my heart after going to a Bethel church conference with my brothers and sisters from youth group, to going back to NYC jobless and scared, to experiencing some INCREDIBLE auditions and career-altering moments, to booking several amazing shows and meeting some of the best people, to starting this blog...thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, to everyone in my life. You have all shaped me, supported me, guided me, and loved me in every moment, and I LOVE every single one of you. Heres to another year, more revelation, more FOOD, more adventures, and more memories. <3

1. Travel adventures and experiencing different cultures

2. Worship and going to church

3.Performing on stage in a show…I love my job!

4. Finding cool restaurants and EATING

5. Cooking and EATING

6. Surfing with my dad

7. Going grocery shopping with my mom

8. Hosting parties

9. Any time I am with my sister

10. Learning about the health and the human body

11. Backstage shenanigans with cast members during a show

12. Singing

13. Taking care of my skin

14. Being in the ocean at home (Hawaii)

15. Seeing the Hawaiian islands when I’m flying in from wherever I am in the world

16. The hustle and bustle of NYC

17. Reading my bible

18. Quality time with the love of my life and his family! The Sison ohana is seriously the BEST!

19. Anytime I am with my family…Mama, Papa, Ava, Tutu, Grandpa Ralph, Apo Lea, Grandpa Chief, Grandma Julie, Aunty Apple, Michael, Millie, Uncle Eric, and many other Ohana members I am blessed with!

20. Being in the sunshine

21. Working out, and the feeling of my heart pumping in my chest

22. Flowers

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