5 Travel Essentials to Make Anywhere Feel Like Home

Traveling is so exciting; The anticipation of retreating to a much needed vacation, or planning for a big adventure, holds so much wonder! But when you’re traveling a lot, the thought of going to yet another new place can lose it’s sparkle and feel more like a chore. Heck, to be very honest, for a while, travel to me became a huge burden. Something I would stress about and ultimately dread.

Whether you’re a performer jumping around to different gigs, on tour living out of a suitcase, have a career where you’re constantly moving, or just have a lifestyle full of travel, that comforting “ahhhh i’m home” feeling becomes some far-fetched, too good to be true fantasy. Perhaps none of this applies to you. Maybe I went way too deep, and you’re just looking to make your next hotel room or B&B a little more homey. Either way, the phrase “set yourself up for success” rings true here! When you’re being uprooted, you need to find things that ground you, and set you up to feel safe and present where you are in your new environment. Here are my 5 things that I travel with to make myself at home:

  • Fairy lights

Fairy lights are what I call Christmas lights because they’re too beautiful for just one season our of the year! I bring one strand of white fairy lights with me and plug them in next to my bed, either wrapping them around the lamp, or draping them across the table. I don’t have an explanation as to why, other than the fact that they’re just so pretty and add a soft light to the room.

  • Essential Oil Diffuser

My mom gifted me with a travel-friendly essential oil diffuser before I left on tour with West Side Story. It’s been all over the world with me and continues to find a place in my suitcase wherever I go. The brand is rareESSENCE Aromatherapy . It’s about the size of a grapefruit, *side note, grapefruits have been on sale lately, and I’ve been obsessing over them! The end of the wire is a USB that fits into the little apple charging boxes and work internationally with an adapter! I’ve had mine for almost 3 years now, and she still works like a charm. The oils I bring along with the diffuser are lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus. When it’s on, the room smells amazing. I love the hearing the sound it makes, as well as watching the mist float up and out.

  • Pillowcases

There’s something about sleeping on your own pillow case that feels really safe. If I had to choose one thing to travel with above all the others in this list, it would be my special pillow case. I’ve had my special pillow case since I was a little kid. It’s worn and so soft, and is something I NEED to have with me. One time when housekeeping cleaned a hotel room I was staying in, I thought they took it off because I didn’t see it. I spent about an hour running around, crying, calling the front desk trying to get in touch with housekeeping (I was in Japan, so the language barrier was proving difficult in my crisis), only to find that they had put one of their pillow cases over it when they cleaned the room. My pillow case was safe and sound and all was right in the world. Hehe oops…

  • Ariel

I think it’s safe to say that most of us have a stuffed friend that we adore. Mine is my Ariel doll. She was a gift from my boyfriend when I left Hawaii to move to New York and was the first leading role I ever played while in high school. She, like my special pillow case, has been all over the world. I do need to really squeeze her into my suitcase sometimes when it’s just about overflowing, but it’s worth it!

  • Little things and candles and plants

On a trip to Santa Monica with my sister we went to this really cool crystal store and I got 3 beautiful little stones. In Thailand, I picked up a little a hand-painted elephant from a street vendor. I travel with these little guys in a small makeup bag and put them on my bedside table. I also always buy a candle to light at night; That really sets a nice, peaceful vibe. If I’m somewhere for over a month, I’ll also get a little succulent. Plants just seem to bring life to any space!

I hope you can use some of these ideas, or find your own, to make wherever you go feel more like home. I know these things may seem unnecessary, but in terms of feeling secure and content, I believe they set you up for success with good vibes all around!

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