Find Your Fit (FYF)

Hello Beautiful Gals! Today on Pump, I’m introducing a new series called, “Find Your Fit."

I am so lucky to be surrounded by incredible women that have a passion for fitness. I pack my life and my social media feeds full of ladies that inspire me to pump and find joy in movement. With every day that passes, I get more and more motivated to find different ways to work my body; also I become more aware of how different everyone’s version of “fit” is, as well as how their stories of how they got there truly are.

“Find your fit” (FYF) is all about building a community of women that inspire each other to feel alive and recognize their beauty through fitness. In every post, you’ll meet someone new who has that passion. Some will be instructors and personal trainers, others will be friends of mine that have a heart for this lifestyle! My heart for this is for you to step away from the comparison trap, come into your own body, and move in a way that makes them you feel unstoppable; and I think that through hearing other women’s stories, motivation, and personal reasons as to why they do what they do, you’ll see that everyone has their own beautiful version of FIT. Inspiration awaits, let’s get PUMPED!

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